CEU Courses List


  • Overview of Home Care This CEU program will go over many different diagnoses that relate to the home bound patient. It will first define what it means to be home bound. Then it will provide a general overview of HTN, COPD, CHF, CVA, DM, IDA, MI, Osteoporosis, & Pain.
  • Preventing Rehospitalization Rates This course will go over way to help your patient at their home (whether it is a nursing home or their private home). It will go over examples of how the Nurse and Provider can keep a CHF patient at home; instead of going to the hospital. Other topics will include Medication Reconciliation and Patient Education.
  • Pain & Symptoms Management of the Hospice Patient This course will go over the history of Hospice Care, barriers to hospice, & define what palliative care is. It will then go over the different type of pain and how a nurse should to a pain assessment on a patient. It will go over different pharmacological and nonpharmacological methods to help.
  • Clinical Dementia This course will go into detail about dementia. It will discuss the assessment and diagnosis of dementia. The course will end with a brief overview of how medications help to delay to onset of symptoms.
  • Delirium vs. Dementia vs. Depression This course will teach the nurse how to know the difference between delirium, dementia, and depression. It will cover the history and physical findings that are specific to each one condition.
  • Skin Breakdown & Incontinence Care This course will go over the various causes of skin breakdown and will go over various risk factors. It will then go over the four types of pressure ulcers and measure to prevent them.
  • Preventing Drug Interactions This course will go into an explanation of high risk medications that can lead to devastating consequences for patients. It will over many types of deadly combination. Then it will provide the nurse with different strategies to help prevent interactions.
  • Medication Reconciliation This course will discuss the art of Medication Reconciliation (MR). It will go over possible consequences of poor MR. So often patient do not get their medications reconciled and they are either on too many medications or too few. Often patient tend to hoard medications.
  • System Assessment This course will go over how to perform a physical exam: order of assessment, considerations for the patient & overview of the patient. The course will go over a full body assessment and provide the student with Questions To Ask the patient to help improve their assessment skills
  • Caring for the Hospice Patient This course will go over how to care for a hospice patient. And will cover items such a nausea, vomiting, constipation, anxiety, agitation, delirium, and secretions
  • Staff Education for the Home Health Aide This course will cover areas that are specific to the home health aide in home care. It will cover COPD, CHF, Pain, Fall Prevention, Safety, Transfers, Foley care, and Infection Control
  • Introduction to Hypertension. It will talk about the risk factors and effects it has on the body. It will then go into non pharmacological and pharmacological ways to treat the diagnosis
  • Infection Control This course will provide a basic overview of how infection spread and measure to prevent them. It will provide the proper way to use hand gel and then will review the levels of precautions.
  • Health Promotion & Disease Prevention This course will define the primary, secondary and tertiary types of prevention. It will the define health promotion and explain how it affects all people. The course will then provide a detailed overview of the different types of screens available (i.e. colonoscopy, mammogram, etc.)