Telehealth Consult

young woman using a laptop

It’s becoming more and more evident that telecommunications is dominating the way we interact with each other. Before, we had to physically see our doctor for follow-up checks or consultations. However, it has become a thing of the past to sit at the doctor’s clinic while waiting for your name to be called.

With Synergy Health Care’s Telehealth Consultation capabilities, you can talk to your doctor through your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or mobile device. It truly adds the ultimate convenience factor to health services. If you dread having to drive yourself to the doctor every time you have to get a new prescription or have a follow-up physical exam, take comfort that you are no longer obligated to do so. You can schedule a Telehealth Consultation with your physician through us!

Should you want to learn more about our services, kindly contact us. You can also ask our friendly staff to schedule your telehealth consultation session with a physician.